Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Estate Sale services?
The need for an estate sale can arise under many circumstances.
We have conducted hundreds of estate sales for clients who are
moving, relocating, downsizing or who have had a family member
pass away.  Executors of an estate, people moving to a retirement
home, nursing home, out of state, in with a relative, to smaller
quarters, in fact, anyone who needs to sell most of their home's

What kinds of things do you sell?
We can sell virtually anything that is legal and safe to be sold. Antique, contemporary and used furniture and furnishings. Fine antiques, collectibles and just plain junk. Clothing, costume and fine jewelry. Tools, appliances, garden equipment. You name it.

Will you come out to see my estate and do you charge?
We will set up an appointment to meet with you and any other family members who would like to attend. There is never a charge for us to meet with you. We also work a great deal with attorneys, executors and real estate agents and would be happy to meet with them as well. We will ask you for a tour of the home and to point out any items that will not be included in the sale. We will then give you an evaluation of your estate- every evaluation we give is based on honesty and years of experience. We do not exaggerate the value of your estate just to "get the sale". If we feel you do not have enough to have a profitable sale, we will tell you and will come up with another solution. In our business- we are known as the problem solvers!

We can then schedule dates for your sale, write a description of the items to be sold, take pictures and begin the marketing process.

How can Brenda help?
Brenda offers years of experience liquidating the contents of estates- large and small. We work with antiques and collectibles, contemporary and used furniture, clothing, artwork, jewelry, toys, tools, appliances, garden equipment and more. Some of our staff members are former antique store owners and have decades of experience with antiques and collectibles. We conduct sales of all sizes and maintain a set-up, security and sales staff to accommodate even the largest of sales.

Where do you conduct your sales?
We conduct sales throughout the Walton, Gwenette,Fulton, Cobb counties ....... We also cover other parts of Ga.

Occasionally we are asked to conduct an out of state or out of area sale. Time permitting we can conduct an out of state sale, however please keep in mind that travel expenses will apply.

How does this work?
Brenda provides all of the resources needed to sort, organize attractively, display, research, price, advertise and sell the contents of an Estate. We work with you, the client, and the sale customers to provide an enjoyable, secure and profitable sale experience for all parties. Typically, we start working in the home 3-7 days prior to the actual sale event, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. We bring in tables, shopping baskets, display cases and any additional items needed for set up. We provide exceptional attention to detail. We offer many years of experience and creative solutions for all of our clients.

How far in advance do I need to book an Estate Sale?
From February through Mid-November our weekends fill up very quickly- we recommend 2-4 weeks notice during the summer months. Our winter months tend to be a little slower and we typically need 1-3 weeks notice.

When is a good time to have an estate sale?
Our customers attend estate sales ALL year, so any month is a great time for a sale. The best days for sales are Thursday thru Sunday. Please keep in mind that winter sales are also VERY successful, as there are fewer sales and customers like to shop year round!

What is your commission?
Brenda charges a commission of the gross sales. Commission Fees come out of Sale Proceeds. We do not charge ANY upfront fees. We do not charge for newspaper advertising, so there are no other charges except in the event that a dumpster is required to get the house ready for a sale or if the client chooses to have one for any remaining items after the sale.

What advertising do you do?
Brenda  utilizes the latest in Internet Advertising, including photos, maps, e-mail and directions which brings in interest from a broader base. We write and place all newspaper advertising and send out an e-mail notification to our subscriber list- which numbers in the thousands. Additionally, we post highly visible, professionally printed Estate Sale signs leading the way to your sale from every major area intersection. Our goal is to bring motivated buyers to your sale!!

What happens during the sale?   ???????
Occasionally due to the amount of customers who attend each of our sales we allow in 15-20 customers at a time to ensure an orderly and secure sale. We have staff members posted throughout the home assisting customers with their purchases. Our cashier keeps track of the items sold, wraps and bags items and handles all transactions. At the end of the sale- the proceeds of the sale are counted and a check and the records of the items sold are presented to you.

What happens to what is left after the sale?
Most items usually sell at the sale.  Unsold items of significant value can be place in an online auction after the sale as well as we have a few buyers that may offer a buy out on any remaining unsold items.  On your behave we can contact them to arrange a preview.  We also have a few different charitable organizations who will come to the home after the sale, box the remaining items and provide you with a tax deductible receipt.

Please call or email Brenda at
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to discuss how we can assist you with
your specific needs- there is no obligation!

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